Первая в мире интеллектуальная детская коляска

Первая в мире интеллектуальная детская коляска
  • Первая в мире автоматически складывающаяся/раскладывающаяся коляска
  • Встроенный генератор для подзарядки электронных гаджетов
  • Дневные ходовые огни
  • Освещение пути перед коляской в вечернее время 
  • ЖК дисплей
  • Регулируемая спинка
  • Багажник для мелких вещей
  • Датчик массы ребенка
  • Пружинная подвеска
  • И многое другое......

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Enjoy the luxury and convenience of the 4moms Origami Power Folding Stroller that folds itself and boasts an impressive variety of features. The two-step folding function ensures the stroller will only fold when you want it to, and the safety sensors allow the stroller to fold only when the seat is empty. The stroller even gets smaller in length, width and height when it folds and is designed with luggage-style pull wheels, making it easy to store and transport. Daytime running lights, path lights that turn on and off automatically and reflective piping help increase your visibility for safety, and telescoping tubes help eliminate traditional pinch points. The ergonomic seat and adjustable recline keep your little one comfortable, and the four-wheel suspension and open kick zone make the stroller easy to push. The stroller also provides ample storage space and four cup holders, and since the stroller is self-charging, you can even charge your cell phone through the stroller. The design also features four legs and a central pod that support a single handlebar and telescoping seat ring for a functional and innovative look.
  • Two-step, automatic folding with safety sensors that keep the stroller from folding with your baby in it
  • Decreases in size when folded for easy storage and transport
  • Luggage-style pull wheels
  • Round, ergonomic seat with an adjustable recline
  • Daytime running lights, reflective piping and path lights under the stroller for visibility
  • Ample storage space and four cup holders
  • Generators in the rear wheels allow you to charge your cell phone as you walk
  • LCD dashboard is easy to read
  • Four-wheel suspension with an open kick zone for a smooth ride
  • Four legs and a central pod support a single handlebar and telescoping seat ring

Open dimensions: 41"L x 28"W x 39"H
Closed dimensions: 38"L x 14"W x 21"H
Supports children up to 40 lbs.

Two-step, automatic folding
The automatic folding system allows you to fold the stroller with a simple two-step system. The stroller also features safety sensors that will keep it from folding while your child is in the seat.
Small footprint
As the stroller folds, it actually decreases in length, width and height, making it easy to store or transport. Luggage-style pull wheels let you easily move the stroller once it has been folded.
Keep your little one comfortable
The stroller is designed with both you and your child in mind. It features a round, ergonomic seat and an adjustable recline to keep your little one comfortable during riding.
Safety first
Daytime running lights and reflective piping help increase your visibility to keep you and your little one safe. Path lights are located under the stroller and automatically turn on in low-light conditions for easy maneuvering.
Space for all your needs
Ample storage space means you can bring along accessories, toys or other items anywhere you go. Four cup holders allow you to always keep a drink at hand.
Stay connected
Generators located in the rear wheels allow the stroller to charge itself while you walk. You can even keep your cell phone charged through the stroller.


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